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About us

Tang Minh Phat Trading and Service Co., Ltd (TMP) is a supplier of equipment, machines and solutions of industry with the high professional in the field of automation. We connect people, knowledge, experience and technology to meet all requirements of customers in the field of automation.

As an expert, a counselor, we always offer the most optimal solution to solve requirements from simple to complex for customers in the field of automation.

As a supplier, we always listen and connect closely with customers to provide the latest products to meet product demands of customer.

TMP always aspires to meet the demands for projects of various scales and best support the customer in order to effective enhancement of manufacturing and business for customer.

Do you want to solve quickly and optimize production systems for your factory?

Please let TMP support you!



With Customers

Always Listen, Connect and Satisfy.

With Industries

Develop new technologies – Optimize Equipment.

With Partners

Developing and branding sustainability.

With Employees

Attractive talent – Improve technology skills and together development long term.

We are constantly looking for in order to updating the most optimal and the latest product lines to offer our

customers the most satisfied service, with long term co-operation and sustainability.